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Superior room Twin Beds at Hotel Duo, Prague 9, Czech Republic

High quality at great value

654 newly redesigned rooms

Sufficient capacity of triple rooms 

Rooms with twin beds

Option to reserve an entire floor for your team

Exclusive reservation of modern conference space for team meetings

Close proximity to several sports venues

Covenient location with ample parking

The right energy for your performance

We are ready to meet your special dietary restrictions according to the recommendation of your nutritionist and the needs of the athlets

Balanced nutritional buffet

Breakfast, snacks or lunch take away packs to the sports ground

Drinking regime

Breakfast Cheese Buffet at Hotel Duo, Prague 9, Czech Republic
Xbowling Prosek, Hotel Duo Prague 9, Czech Republic

Relax - Recharge - Rejoice

Newly renovated Bowling centre


Fitness center

Relax Area

Physio/massage rooms

We are professionals in our field

Experience with major international sports events 

Accommodation for professional sports teams

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